Swan Guildford Historical Society

Dedicated to Preserving Western Australia’s Third Most Significant Historical Collection since 1962
The Swan Guildford Historical Society aims to preserve and conserve artefacts pertaining to Guildford and Swan Valley early settlers. The organisation was established in 1962 and since its inception the core endeavour of the Society is to promote and foster an appreciation and understanding of the history of the Guildford and Swan Valley regions through a variety of different ways:
  • publication of a Society newsletter
  • programme of monthly lectures given on the many facets of local history in the region
  • involvement in council proceedings regarding the preservation of historical sites in the area
  • Collecting and cataloguing donated items

  • The Swan Guildford Historical Society is run by volunteers who have a passion for the rich and diverse cultural history of this region, and who feel a responsibility to preserve this history for future generations.

    The Swan Guildford Historical Society collection is the third most important collection in Western Australia, surpassed only by the Western Australian Museum and Royal Western Australian Historical Society collections.


    The present collection includes costumes and textiles, maps and books, documents, images (photographs), art work, the colonial gaol, an old cottage, old machinery, and numerous other items.

    You Can Help Make History Matter

    Become a member of the Swan Guildford Historical Society and help to preserve our rich and diverse history in the Guildford, Midland and Swan Valley regions. We hold a series of monthly talks which are free to members as well as organising outings to other historic attractions and museums. You will also be helping to support an organisation that helps to preserve the heritage of Guildford, and is dedicated to bringing this alive to visitors in the Heritage Precinct.

    Membership will also entitle you to privileged access to Museum & Library information. Find out more and download a membership form here.